Real Deal Books

 2015   Jim Guthrie: Who Needs What; Invisible Publishing

 2012   The Cloaca; Invisible Publishing

 2007   Pardon Our Monsters; Véhicule Press



 2012   “Manning” and “I’m Sorry and Thank You” in Journey Prize Anthology (McClelland and Stewart)

 2012   “Hearts Throb” in The New Quarterly (123)

 2012   “I’m Sorry and Thank You” in Joyland Retro Vol. 1 No. 1

 2012   “The Price You Pay for Leaving the House” in This Magazine (Jan/Feb)

 2011   “Don’t Come In Here” in The Coast (19:30/31) (READ)

 2011   “The Shrew’s Dilemma” in Maisonneuve Magazine (39) (READ FOR $)

 2011   “Manning” in PRISM International (49:4)

 2011   “The Thing About Things” as a chapbook for Frog Hollow Press

 2011   “I’m Sorry and Thank You” on Joyland (READ)

 2010   “A Place for Everything” in Rememberer (Invisible Publishing)

 2009   “In the Business of Establishing the Reasons” in CNQ (Summer/Fall)

 2009   “Unburdend Things” on Joyland (READ)


"Dick Stones" (READ)

"Not A Scratch On Him" (READ)

"Not For Lack Of Love Or Want" (READ)

"Nine More Years and He Can Get Drunk About It" (READ)

"Overwhelming Loveliness" (READ)